Live streaming and video library on line


The Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission In New Zealand on 22 February 2011 the Canterbury region, including Christchurch, suffered a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in which 182 people died and many were injured.

The Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission of inquiry will report on the causes of building failure as a result of the earthquakes as well as the legal and best-practice requirements for buildings in New Zealand Central Business Districts. The inquiry began in May 2011. Tandem was commissioned to provide a complete streaming solution and video library for the public hearings. The brief involved the setting up of 16 in house microphones for the Commission, legal team and witnesses. Three digital cameras which cover every moment and is streamed live via the Internet and through four televisions though out the commission venue. We have three staff who look after the audio, cameras and streaming with another recording every moment and editing the video for the website, which streams the hearings and hosts the video library. The video is easily searched through meta tags, key words and various categories. Each video links to any documents presented or displayed during the video. The website and streaming solution we’ve built is based on our Labon service (living and breathing online news) which we provide for Taupo District Council, The Clerk of the House for New Zealand Parliament and during the Rugby World Cup, the Wellington City Council. Here is the link to the schedule of the hearings which run till the end of March. To play the live stream and access the video library click here...