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AMI/NZ Police - Small retailers crime prevention

Posted 04/12/18
Client: AMI
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Services: YouTube videos
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Full interview with John Mennega - Air Future

Client: Air Future
Playlist: Air Future
This is the feature - length interview with Air Future CEO John Mennega. We conducted the interview and repurposed this into 9 videos. The overall video is split into each interview question...
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Air Future Overview Promo

Client: Air Future
Playlist: Air Future
Tandem first worked with Air Future in mid 2018 to produce video content for their upcoming fundraising campaign. Our multi-purpose content solution gave them several options to engage with...

New Health and Safety legislation: staying safe at work

With new health and safety legislation now in effect, how does your business stand up?The new laws aim to reduce workplace injuries and deaths by 25 percent by 2025. But I guess the question...
Content Marketing

Content Marketing Series: #2. The history of content marketing

Services: Content Creation
The history of content marketingIf you think of content marketing as corporate storytelling, then it’s easy to see how far back it goes.Looking back at the first blog in this series, where we...

Live Streaming and Web Casts on YouTube

To celebrate Tandem Studios 40th Birthday and all of the content we've produced over the last 40 years of being in Christchurch, Tandem created The Friday Night Sessions. Over Four Weeks...

Tandem celebrates 40 years of producing content

It’s our ruby anniversary in JuneWhen you start a new business in a fit of enthusiasm and with your heart in your mouth you don’t really think you’ll end up being described as iconic, but...

Video Production: Training videos and Recruitment videos

A picture says a thousand words. This statement has never been truer as companies recruit and train staff for the rebuild of Christchurch.
 Employees are coming into the city from all over...

What content works best online?

Social media is all about content, but that doesn’t just mean words on a screen. People expect a wide variety of content that they can engage with and respond to when they go online. Video...

C-City Brothers: A story of Rock n Roll n Rugby

The C-City Brothers - the ‘number one’ recipe for content marketing success Over the last week some of our work hit the headlines after a song we helped record and produce and then did all...

Online video and content marketing

Recently we spoke with Geoff Brash and talked about the extensive use of content marketing to promote their business and software SLI Systems. Geoff is currently Vice President of Business...

Online Video and how to re-purpose for content marketing

Online video and how to re-purpose content across a variety of media channels. There are many different ways that you can utilise or ‘re-purpose’ video content so that it works for you across...